A deadline of May 17 has been set for bids from potential buyers for land at the junction of Cliffe and Tenth originally purchased for a new homeless shelter. The Courtenay property is being advertised for two weeks to stimulate interest, and information has also been posted on the municipality’s web site.

Details about what are actually three adjacent vacant lots are now available from the City of Courtenay’s director of legislative services, John Ward, at City Hall. He told the Echo he believed Council would look at all offers, but a package for all three would likely be cleaner since there were covenants that needed to be removed for uses other than supportive housing. The City is reserving the right to accept or reject any or all offers at its sole discretion, and a minimum reserve purchase price is in effect. While the reserve is not stated in the advertisements, the Echo understands the City is looking for bids above the current assessed value of the entire property, around $355,000.

As reported in Tuesday’s Echo, the land was originally bought as the location for a new emergency shelter and maybe supportive housing by Comox Valley Regional District. But controversy dogged the project from the start, and while the property cost taxpayers $470,000 to buy, it was recently transferred to the City of Courtenay for a token sum. Councillors decided to try to sell it to raise funds and have already received an offer for the property, but have agreed to advertise it in a bid to maximize any bids.