2020 – Glacier View Lodge – Housing Concepts Summary Report

Glacier View Lodge is exploring creating a development plan and vision for the 42 acres of land adjoining the Lodge. Vancouver Island University (VIU)
Master of Community Planning students joined with Glacier View Lodge between September 2019 and April 2020 to help create a visioning plan for this site. This work has been supported by the Comox Valley Community Health Network and the Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness.
The visioning plan includes two development concepts for the site – one focused on seniors housing and one focused on multi-generational housing. These concepts are based on a community engagement process that took place in January and February 2020.

2019 – Food Security, Poverty, Housing & the Local Food System: Closing the loop in the Comox Valley

This report explores how the core issues and underlying root causes of food security are intertwined with issues of poverty, inadequate or precarious housing, and other barriers which block access to healthy and culturally appropriate food. On the other end of the food system, local growers and new entrants to sustainable food production suffer due to the competition in a global food market plagued with subsidies, inequalities, and externalities.⁠

This report is the culmination of six months of community engagement and research by Andrea Cupelli, Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness, and Maurita Prato, LUSH Valley Food Action Society.⁠

2018 – Affordable Housing Benefits Everyone Project

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability, through funding from BC Housing, developed this project to support the Coalition by undertaking a broad community engagement initiative in the region (namely Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland). This project, entitled Affordable Housing Benefits Everyone, provided an opportunity for residents to engage in learning and discussions about affordable housing and how different housing types, including supportive housing, can be of benefit to their communities