Below follows the consultant’s Final Report on behalf of the Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) Rural Affordable Housing Project.

Download this report in PDF Format

This Rural Affordable Housing Project report will be uploaded to the DCLTA website ( and made available in hard copy at the Dora Drinkwater Library on Denman by the end of June 2013.

Additionally, the DCLTA has received the contractor’s report (see above) and acknowledges the quality of research, advocacy, synthesis and recommendations. However, they would like to add two recommendations:

  1. Non-profit organizations such as DCLTA, the CVHTF and the report example of Galiano Green could take ALR land out of the real estate market and secure it for farming and farm families into an affordable, productive and sustainable future.
  2. Regional districts such as the CVRD could levy a farm conservation land tax to create a funding pool for organizations such as DCLTA to purchase and preserve farmland for a new generation of farmers and farm collectives.

Thank you for enabling this project. Hopefully, this project will support a new generation of farmers, who might otherwise be landless and without the mentoring benefit of existing farmers.

Harlene Holm, DCLTA Director