The report is the first stage of a capacity building project aimed at improving services and collaboration in the community with a collective of non-profit organisations all currently serving the homeless and at risk populations in the Comox Valley.

The project is funded by the Comox Valley Housing Task Force and is delivered by The Comox Valley Community Capacity Initiative Collective. The collective is made up of AIDS Vancouver Island, Comox Valley Transition Society, Dawn to Dawn and Wachiay Friendship Centre. Their goal is to develop a more cohesive, integrated and shared approach across the services and practice guidelines and tools to support the approach.

The report describes the results of an examination of available research on homelessness, approaches, plans and practices as they relate to ending homelessness and interviews with key stakeholders conducted in the Comox Valley and leading communities in BC and Alberta; Victoria, Calgary, Nanaimo, Red deer, Port Alberni, and Grand Prairie.

The report includes key sections:

  • Understanding Homelessness
  • Lessons Learned
  • Best Practice Reviews
  • Next Steps

The report found:

  • Common themes are evident that offer valuable insight and act as touchstones to guide implementation of best practices in service delivery and it’s sustainability in responding to homelessness.
  • A framework for successful implementation of integrated service delivery by a number of organisations must consider responses to homelessness at various levels including strategies and plans, integration mechanisms, organisational level and practice tools.
  • Factors that significantly affect both the likelihood of success and sustainability of progress are evident.

This report can be used to:

  • Learn more, inform and educate others in homelessness by sharing the information presented.
  • Compare how your organisation’s policies and practices fit with the current understanding of homelessness and known evidence based practices.
  • Explore what methodologies your organisation may implement to move closer to utilising more evidence based practices.
  • Focus stakeholders efforts on evidence based practices and increase understanding in the community to generate support for ending homelessness in your community.

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